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cuttlefish egg laying

Sep 16, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
Baby A is laying more eggs, what a surprise... This time I was able to watch the whole process (and take photos). It takes her about 4 minutes to transfer the egg from inside her body to her tentacles. It then takes her 50 seconds (I timed it twice) to attach the egg to the cave. I will post photos when I have a chance - some of the photos were blocked by Scrunchy's body, because he seemed to be guarding her...
Here are some of the pictures. The first picture is of Baby A next to the first egg she laid today. The next two pictures, she is holding the next egg in her arms, you can see the black through the arms.


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Here are the next three...In the first picture, Baby A is carrying the egg to be placed next to the other one. The second picture is her attaching the egg to the rock (sorry about the reflection of the flashlight...). The third picture is Scrunchy displaying while Baby A moves away from the egg.


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