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cuttlefish and electricity

Sep 16, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
I noticed while checking on the cuttles, that I was being shocked when I put my hand in the water. It was a small current, because I only felt it through a cut on my finger. I isolated it to my light, so I unplugged it.

Do you think I could have hurt my cuttles? Or do you think because they are suspended in the water, the current just traveled through them?

I need new equipment...
You were a path to ground when your hand was in the water, that's the only time that the current would have been flowing (unless there's another ground in the tank). I think the cuttles will be OK.

That's odd that its coming from your light. I've heard dozens of pump horror stories (Rio), but this is the first light.

Yeah, I was kind of surprised about the light too but I unplugged everything one-by-one and left the light for last, and was still getting zapped. At the end, I was getting a little tired of sticking my hand in the tank to feel the current... then I unplugged the light, and gee, no zap... it is an old light, came with the tank (and the tank was free from a neighbor...), I think this is just telling me that it is time to upgrade (at least that is what I keep telling hubby :biggrin2: ).
No, I was too busy not liking the sensation of being shocked :shock: and then having to keep sticking my finger in while I unplugged the heater, filter and protein skimmer until I finally unplugged the light... so I shocked myself four times before finding the offensive piece of equipment.

I did totally clean off the light canopy, there was quite a build up of salt. I dried everything off and checked the cord for any fraying and the light socket for any corrosion. Everything looks ok, I plugged it back in, stuck my finger in the water once more, and no shock this time. I am still going to invest in a new light, that one is at least 15 years old.
Ha sounds like you do need to upgrade! That light is nearly as old as me! Well maybe not...

Never nice when you have to use yourself to check for electric faults is it... i've been there too many times!

I think what Chrono is saying is that he should rig one up to give himself shocks and then look at the cuttle behaviour... am I right?? Hehe
I'm upgrading tomorrow! Just talked to the guy selling me his 55 gallon... with sump, refugium, protein skimmer, live rock, the works. Have been making RO/DI water all day to replace his tap water... His has been set up for three years, so it's already cycled!!! I will let you know how we get it up our 34 steps from the driveway to the basement...

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