Cuttle fight sequence


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
I witnessed an actual fight between two cuttles, and now think that those rings on their mantles are from bites. This fight was nasty, with one of the cuttles holding on to the back of anothers mantle for at least 5 seconds. There was also lots of grabbing and fast tumbling, which is very different from the more usual slow posturing. No video of this because the still camera was in reach.
Wow..Ive never seen any of mine do that! Especially that pose with all the tantacles open wide like that. Mine had many circular scars, so maybe I just never witnessed it.

Good Job!
Mine fight at least once a week, once when Cuddly had his tentacles spread out like that, I could see his beak. I have witnessed at least three really bad fights, where they are twirling and twisting throughout the tank.