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Curled up tentacles??


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
When we feed our bimac, Smedley, he sleeps for awhile and then gets up (after about an hour) and swims. When he swims, however, all his tentacles are curled up in a ball underneath him. This is the second time I have noticed this. It seems to be only after he has eaten a big meal, i.e. a shrimp. Is this normal? what causes him to do this? The LFS said that he would love shrimp, and he seems to, but I want to make sure that the balled up condition he gets is ok. It normally lasts for about an hour or so. Is he just full? Does anyone have an idea?
Sometimes they do this while they are still carrying parts of their food underneath them, They may stop eating for a while but will keep hold of the item for later.
Hi Colin, thank you. We're still learning about all these mannerisms. We were concerned that he might not be adapting as well as we thought. That explanation makes complete sense to us now. Again, thank you.