Curious about the Octopus Hobbyist?

Jun 23, 2004
Yeah my name is Adam and i live in Rochester, New York, i am a 14 year old discus hobbyist and a struggling discus breeder. Have 2 pairs, but both like to end up eating their babies. I have a 75 gallon tank that i would like to change into a octopus aquarium or marine, i really don't like the average fish and i am into the different kinds of animals. I have considered seahorses to octpus to boxfish, but i really don't know what kind of "species" tank i want for saltwater, i know SW is difficult, or so i have heard. And i want to go for something challenging, octopus at the moment has seemed like the best choice, i like them because many do not obtain such creatures, but the problem is i don't know much about both SW and octopus and i'd have NO CLUE where to get Octopus from. I also take mroe interest into the pgymy octopus... Can anyone help me out?
:welcome: to TONMO!

Look around the articles in the Ceph Care section, they should help you understand saltwater and octopi too.

Pygmys aren't great octos to have, they don't come out much and are sold as adults with very little time left to live. sells Octopus bimaculoides, which is the best species of octopus to have.
Good luck! :)
was the reason for choosing a pygmy size? if so i wouldn't worry... most of the species people on tonmo keep don't grow too large at all. Try net searches for O. briareus O. vulgaris O. bimaculoides and read all the articles you can - particularly ones by james wood on the cephalopod page etc...

the tanks is pleanty big should read colins article on setting up a tank for cephs on the site - go to the tank setup and maintainance forum and its the first or seccond article!

good luck

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