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cujo passed today


Apr 24, 2006
this morning cujo was out for his morning stroll so i figured i would walk over and say hey to him before i went to school.... he was very very interested in me for sum reason and played alot more than usual with me...... i had no idea anything was wrong.... i came home after school and went straight to his to tank to find him in the open part of the tank not moving..... he was perfectly posed almost laying perfectly flat ..... he looked very peaceful..... i wish i could have been there with him as he passed .... im very upset, he was the best pet and i will miss him very much..... he meant alot to me ..... i do not think he died young i think he lived a full life based on when i got him and how long ive had him...... i buried him out back under a tree deep in the ground to protect him from animals.... today is an extremely sad day for me and my dad...... R.I.P. buddy :goodbye:
Sorry about your loss. RIP Cujo :angelpus:

It a sad thing for your beloved octopus to die. You're fortunate that you had a happy time with him just before he passed away. You'll have many good memories of the your time together.

i just really wish i could have been there with him when it happened instead of him bein alone...... i feel horrible ..... sum may hink thats wierd but i cared about him alot..... he was more than a pet to me..... and thank you all for ur kind words, they mean alot....
I think it sounds like cujo had things just how he wanted them, and that you probably were with him at his final moments.. just didnt know it. Cujo was very lucky to have had you for his "human".
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