Creature comforts (UK tv)


Nov 29, 2002
Watched the Creature Comforts show last night on telly (ITV1), you know the people behind Wallace and Gromit. They had a fantastic animated Octopus eating ice cream and talking about litter and the state of the beach. Keep a look out for it being repeated as it was very funny. Have a look at Home | Aardman for a few pictures.
Excellent! I'll keep an eye out for 'Terry the Octopus'. Pity one has to endure the abysmal ITV1 to catch it though.
Creature Comforts Returning

Any British TONMO fans can see Terry the Octopus again on Creature Comforts. The series starts again on Sunday on ITV at 10:50 pm. They're being shown at random so keep a look out for the 'Beach' episode.

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