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Jan 3, 2006
I don't know if you guys remember me but I had purchased an octopus about 7 months ago. I named it Crayola, and after a wonderful 7 months it has died. I am very glad to have gotten the experience. I now am studying Biology in SoCal. So I feel very grateful to those of you who gave me your advice. I cant wait to get started for the next one.
RIP Crayola :angelpus:

I'm sorry to hear it, but glad to hear that Crayola had a long and happy life... we've been having a lot of short-lived octo experiences lately for some reason, which is very sad :sad:

If you don't mind my asking, where in SoCal are you? There was some enthusiasm, although very little actual response, when marinebio_guy suggested a SoCal TONMO event... he's moving away, but it still seems like it might be fun at some point.
RIP Crayola:angelpus:
Glad your octopus lived a long and happy life.

I've looked back over your posts and at the List of Our Octopuses, and I show Crayola, a briareus, arriving from Tom's on Sept. 14 of last year. The list originally had Crayola arriving in August.

Were there two Crayolas? Otherwise, you kept your octopus for 14 months!

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