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Crabby Dish

Jul 24, 2003
I noticed a post where someone wrote about keeping live food in their sump and it was recommended against.

That miffed me since I was always gunna do and thought if i inceased my bioload the good bacteria would grow to cope...hhmmmm....

Then a fella called Andy Lister (hopefully you'll read this Andy) wrote about makin something for em to live in, cant find the post for the life of me :bugout: an was hopin you could reiterate what it was you were talkin about an show a pic if poss?? Would be most appreciated then I can incorporate into my cabinet above the sump.

Otherwise anyone any other thoughts on how to make somethin??


I too would like to know why not to put food/critters in the sump and what to put them in instead. (Actually, I was intending on keeping a small mantis shrimp in the sump/refugium I have, and maybe the food in there too.)
Well, if you keep a mantis shrimp, you won't have much food for the octo :biggrin2:
Have kept limited amounts of feeder animals in the refugium before, never had a problem. Hermit crabs and the like...
A better idea would be to set up a seperate tank that holds the water for your water changes, and keep them there...it can be a 50 gallon plastic garbage can, or another tank...that way you have the water always ready, and emergency tank, and a place for your feeders, all at once.
Eh, phil doesn't eat more than one crab a week. I feed him adult brine shrimp, and because of this have yet to see him eat an octo-food sized crab...goes for the easiest food you know..
easiest place to keep crabs is in the freezer :smile:

But, a few would be okay in the sump, its just that they are damn messy and too many could put stress on the filters etc...

Basically, i would keep them in a glass tank with a few inches of water, rocks to crawl out on, a small internal filter and feed them on fish flakes, water changes will be needed to keep it fresh..

may seem completley daft but i hadnt considered puttin whole crabs in the freezer :lol:

well ive got a fluval of some kind knockin round spare so i suppose i could use that.

cheers mate :biggrin2:
i too was planning on keeping collected soldier crabs in my sump

i guess you couldnt keep too many though

what kind of nutrition loss occurs in frozen crabs versus live

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