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Concern re: selling mimics [changed title]

If you're really mad enough at them to have an impact, you might want to post this outside of supporters so google searchers can see that there is a tonmo thread about how much this sucks...
Liveaquaria responded to our mail-in campaign because they fancy themselves as environmentally responsible.

Since the "ceph guy" has apparently left Fishsupply I wonder if it is even worth it.


Perhaps we could come up with a form-letter of sorts for this type of situation. This site really represents a considerable portion of the serious ceph-keeping community and its pioneers; not to mention scientists working on cephalopod biology. Tell them about the conservation issues and that most of their buyers won't be serious hobbyists--but it might mean more if it comes from the scientists and the serious hobbyists.

I was surprised by this, since I talked with them on the phone a few months ago and they weren't intending to have any mimics. They were carrying bluerings, though, and I tried to talk them out of it.

I don't know whether Fish Supply has a new owner or has just gone through a number of changes. I read that they're now centered in their Huntington Beach store and we know that Jack has left. The new manager is nice enough but there are some language problems.

Maybe emails from a number of people has the greatest influence immediately, but Dan, your idea of the letter is a good one.

Copy of my email to fish supply.-

"I have always like fishsupply and recommended you and your livestock to everyone; however I am currently very disappointed.

I am a member of a cephalopod based website called www.tonmo.com (the octopus newsletter monthly online) and the community and I are very upset with your decision to sell mimic octopuses. These animals are extremely rare and their care parameters are currently unknown. TONMO is not one of these communities that does not want anyone to have octopuses, in fact a large part of TONMO is to educate the public about these intelligent animals and assist in their husbandry. TONMO also has resources for educational and scientific research and communication about cephalopods. All these people are at the forefront of Octopuses and we don’t have Mimics, and actively discourage people from buying them until more is known. I have seen more posts than I can count stating “HeyHey-I got got an Octo!” Only to have it die in 2 days due to bad husbandry techniques that could have been stopped. With Mimics, we don’t even know where to start yet.

Please consider removing Mimics octopuses from your retail list.

Mike Opitz"
Hi everyone -- just a side note -- I changed the title of this thread to something that does not implicate Fish Supply in the subject title. Since this forum requires payment, it's probably not fair to call out the company by name in the subject title when the content within cannot be viewed by visitors. Thanks!

Well done on the email, Illithid.
Yes, good email... it is important to show that collecting these animals for aquariums is unacceptable.

And anyway, most of the places selling Mimics are actually Wunderpus... ask for actual pics :smile:

I got a reply today from fish supply:

Dear Mike,
We're sorry you feel that way, but we know how rare these Octops' are and also that there maintainance could get to be a little hard. When people call us in regards to the interest they have on these Octopus', we ask them how much they know about them, if people just want them because of there nice colors or because they're rare, we will not sell them.


Now this is where I want to call them up and beg to give them my credit card number to buy the "purdy thing" for my new 5 gallon nano reef tank. But I know that it won't do any good either way. All that I can do is have them log my removal request along with everyone elses. Hopefully they get enough to reconsider stocking them.

Yes it is Chrono.....:oops: I was too concerned about what I was writing to read it. Sorry Tony!

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