Community Announcement: Hosting upgrade


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May 30, 2000

Due to the continued growth of, and to a lesser degree things like bandwidth theft :x (which is a common problem a site needs to deal with once it reaches a certain level of popularity), I needed to upgrade my hosting account, resulting in about a 30% increase in fees.

Thanks to the success of the Supporters program, I can swing it. 8) If I didn't upgrade, would have been blacked out for the balance of the month, 'cause we would have exceeded our bandwidth limits... and things would get worse from there.

So, just wanted to take this rare opportunity to plug the significance of the Supporter's program -- thank you for your support!!
I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into maintaing this site...(and I am not just saying that, I really can't imagine it!)
All of us are happy to help out in any way darn place on the web, if you ask me!
Did there use to be an age restriction for being a supporter? And if there was, is it still in effect? Otherwise I can try to get my check card back from my parents....
:smile: Thanks...

Nick, yes, the age restriction was once there, but has been lifted. There is no family-inappropriate content in the Supporter's Forum... But there is an awful amount of Neil :biggrin2:

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