Comedy Central Octopuses


Nov 8, 2003
At 8:30 PM Eastern Standard time, an espisode of Crank Yankers appeared on Comedy Central, the first sketch featured a woman called Gladys calling a video store to complain, behind the woman who received the call ant the store, was a poster for a movie called: MVP: Most Valuable Octopus, showing a blue Octo wearing a pink sunhat, pearl necklace, and holding a pink pocketbook. Post comments and other Comedy Central sightings here!
I just got South Park Season 3 and on the episode with the panda on the Island of Misfit Mascots is an octopus like thing that looks like it is covered in barbed wire.
Also, on the episode Chickenpox Kyle's dad goes on a fishing trip with Kenny's dad and has a little squid thing on his hat.
And on Spookyfish there is a little octopus at the pet store that escapes and attacks people.