5 or 2

Hey BOE nice color page!

I can see all of the numbers... but on the last one


I see the 5, but if I squint my eyes almost shut, the 5 turns into the 2. :bugout:

Does squinting affect colour vision or is it something else :?: at work
Oh, don't be pissed... :biggrin2:
If you squint, you change your intake of focal light, and compress it to hit more on the colour receptors of the back of your eye...if you widen your eyes, you gain a better black/white/movement vision.
Gosh, we certainly are simple animals!
well, someone could try a experiment... always put some food behind a door with the same number.... then play around with patterns that have the same intensity, etc...

as for myself, for the first .5 sec i see a '3' when i look at the five
Oh, stop with all of the kidding...anyone can tell that it is a slightly pixelated version of the Sistine Chapel...I mean, look at the naked girls!
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