Collect Call of Cthulhu

They've put out three Region 1 DVDs for the Real Ghostbusters, but sadly this episode wasn't on any of them.

But if you love the Real Ghostbusters like I love The Real Ghostbusters, you should pick up the DVDs they've got and maybe they'll use that cash to run off some new sets!

Volume 1: Creatures of the Night includes "Night Game*", "Lost and Foundry", "Bird of Kildarby" and "Killerwatt*".
Volume 2: Spooky Spirits includes "Ghostbuster of the Year", "Revenge of Murray the Mantis", "Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin" and "Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream*".
Volume 3: Slimefighters includes "Adventures in Slime and Space", "They Call Me Mr. Slimer", "Victor, The Happy Ghost" and "Slimer, Come Home"".

* one of my favourite episodes!
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