Chutulhu mythos.

It's related to lovecraft because he wrote it!

Cthulhu mythos is the lovecraftian take on the universe, that "god" is not God or Allah, but rather some great, uncaring creature that if we ever actually were able to get it's attention it would be just as likely to flick us off the edge of the galaxy as say "hello", and that if it did decide to say hello, things would be much, much worse.

Cthulhu is the name of one of these gods, who was defeated in a battle against some other gods. He was entombed in the Pacific ocean, and according to the mythos will one day rise up and reclaim the earth and all it's inhabitants as his food/slaves.

The great Cthulhu, defeated??? Never ! Uncaring? Certainly not...he cares very much for the human race, especially the dreamers that will unlock his gate of slumber when the stars are right. Those pesky crustaceans (mi-go bas****s) keep on screwing everything up, hence the need for a long period of slumber under the waves, and some much needed recuperation from wiping out the Old Ones.
Soon, though, soon.

Tekelili !
The Cthulhu Mythos is great! Not just Lovecraft's stuff, but the marority of it! Mind you, some of the newer authors have lost a bit of what the Mythos was supposedto be about; the human race being alone against the horrors of the universe, a macabre, dark, atmospheric tone etc, and ended up trying to think of as bizzarre beasties as possible with the most unpronounceable names one can think of!
Does anyone notice a distinct link with cephs though!? (obviously!!) I mean, pretty much all the beasties are related to oceanic animals or maybe single-cell colonies etc? My faves are the Elder things/beings, the cool half starfish, half crinoid, rooting hooting tooting lab technicians of prehistory! And of course the Yith, and Cthulhu!! Ah, good stuff.

By the way, I can't rememebr if I ever brought this question up, but has anyone read Fritz Lieber's "Terror from the Depths"? What on earth are those subterranean flying wormy things!?

Ok, now i know enought about chutulu. But; why is related whit Here is very famous... is it like a octopus?
In other hand, what book have I to buy to learn more about this interesting legend?
Do I need to know something more about it?

Oktoputeao said:
Ok, now i know enought about chutulu. But; why is related whit Here is very famous... is it like a octopus?
In other hand, what book have I to buy to learn more about this interesting legend?
Do I need to know something more about it?

Graeme's avatar is a plush toy version of Cthulhu while mine is a painting by Cthulhu77 titled Cthulhu Rising (again love that painting Greg). Check out the art section of tonmo to see more.

The first appearance of Cthulhu was in H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Call of Cthulhu". Lovecraft created a fictional setting for his stories that included ancient beings who once ruled but were banished and were always trying to return. Knowledge of these old ones was contained in the fiction book THE NECRONOMICON which was written by the mad arab Al harazad.

Lovecraft let other writers do stories in his mythos universe and most horror writers have written at least one cthulhu story (my faves are Steven King, Roger Zelazney's A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER, and Lumley's dreamlands).

Pretty much any time you run across a reference to elder gods, great old ones or horrible things from outside ( especially with tentacles), there is at least a tip of the hat to lovecraft.
Ah, but BigGdelta... it's not just any plush Cthulhu.. it's MY plush Cthulhu!:biggrin2: :biggrin2: One of the mini ones, it sits on my back parcel shelf along with a Nyarlathotep, and a wee plush octopus.

Anyhoo, I think you have to pick up the omnibus 3:think it's subtitled Call of Cthulhu and other stories. It's got a pic of a big fat beastie eating people (one of Pickman's Ghoul paintings???), think that's the one! IT's got a good few of his best works in that one, like the Dunwich Horror. Personally I'd get the first Omnibus- At the Mountains of Madness as that short story is amazing, as is The Case of Charles Dexter Ward! I love ...Mountains of Madness! You can't go wrong with those omnibuses
H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus Volume 3: "The Hunter in the Dark" (Paperback 1985) H.P. Lovecraft - Book reviews or if these links work these are the covers you want to look out for, maybe.

oh, and I found this funny pic
As a guy who has read almost all of Lovecraft stories, played the roleplaying game, founded a rock band on Lovecraft's mythos, and based an art career on his monsters, I think I am qualified to chime in here.

I will try not to repeat too much information already provided, but I will try to dispel some of the misconceptions.

Cthulhu is one of the "Great Old Ones" who came to earth aeons ago, well before man evolved. Through some great cataclysm, his continent/city of R'lyeh was sunk beneath the waves and he has laid imprisoned therein ever since. At certain times, the stars become "right" allowing the city to come close or above the water's surface. Cthulhu's (psionic) power is picked up by sensitive human minds, and during these times they experience terrible dreams. One day, it is said in the fabled tome known as the Necronomicon, the stars will come right enough to truly free Cthulhu. Degenerate human cults around the world worship him, though whether this has any impact on Cthulhu isn't clear.
Common misconceptions are many. Cthulhu is portrayed sometimes as evil. Lovecraft specifically stated that Cthulhu is like a force of nature, and that concepts of good and evil are human vanities and have no bearing in the true nature of the universe. Contrary to many, it is my opinion that Cthulhu has no interest in mankind's doing, and is not looking forward to eating us all. He is not an organic living creature as we know it, and he has no interest in humanity any more than the average human is interested in vermin. Finally, contrary to some later stories, Cthulhu is not a water elemental nor is he associated with spirits, hell, and other human ideologies.

All that said, there is much more to learn. You can read the original "Call of Cthulhu" in a number of books, including my favourite "Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre"

Additionally, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society has recently created a silent film adaptation of the story, which is quite good for a low budget feature.

Finally, for images of Cthulhu just google image or visit my profile on (there are three Cthulhu images there, one in a Maurice Sendak style).

Ia Ia Cthulhu fhtagn!
Hey. Are you saying I belong to some degenerate cult? I'll take offense at that !
cthulhu77 said:
Hey. Are you saying I belong to some degenerate cult? I'll take offense at that !

Yeah! And besides - it's a depraved cult, Toren! But your clarification on Cthulhu-related issues is absolutely correct, and most welcome. Cthulhu is only evil to us as we would be to the small insect we inadvertantly tread upon. However, as borne out by the climax to the original story The Call of Cthulhu, he might not want to eat us all, but if he's just woken up he certainly doesn't seem too picky about what sustenance he finds. I imagine the crew of the armoured yacht Alert were intending to offer themselves to him as breakfast, being loyal cult members. Doubt any of the cult leaders actually went on that particular mission.
Yeah, according to grandfather's notes, it was a long and miserable voyage too.

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