Christmas Day Dive at Madrona Point - PGOs

Tom Hlavac

Jan 19, 2007
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Some clips from today's (Christmas Day, 2014) dive at Madrona Point, north of Nanaimo, BC, Canada. This was a shore dive, depth along the wall was 50 fsw to 100 fsw, 36 minutes total dive time. Lots of rockfish - note the yelloweye rockfish near the dens.

The GPO in the flat boulder den has been there a few months, getting big feasting on crab - quite the pile of recent crab litter. That boulder is near the start of the wall, there is one cave crevice nearby, then the wall starts and the octopus are denned in deep cracks in the wall. I saw 6 PGOs on this dive, probbly 2-3 more if I had specifically searched for them. Nice way to spend an hour on Christmas Day ;)
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