Chewy pics


Apr 26, 2005
some pics are blury but if anyone can tell me what speices he/she is.....
I think its a vulgarias (cant spell)


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Nice pics, butcant tell from the pics what species it is... you may be right with vulgaris...

are there any spots or rings on the webbing below the eyes like a bimac has?

keep the pics coming :smile:
:lol: hey nomorenames, nice lookin octo! looks kina like mine does. thought he was vulgaris at first but not so sure. mines very day active or more precicesly at dusk and dawn. he also lacks any spots below the eyes but will occasionly flash stripes. usually horizontal but occasionly one big vertical one. i have pics under the thread so many questions, so little croutons. out of curiosity what is yours eating? mines been eatin shucked oysters and will ocasionly chew up a frozen shrimp but so far nutin live yet. although he was tormenting one of the snails in my tank by dragging it up and down the glass. but i checked this morning and suprisedly the snail was still alive, just pissed off.
mine eats blue crabs scallops (though i think he doesnt like them very much) and sometimes crayfish but as a last resort mine doesnt eat snails for some reason maybe hes to full but he does mess with them when there in his way
hey nomorenames, when u say bluecrabs do u mean the ones you can go and catch in da bay with droplines ect? or am i thinken of sumthin else. by the way what temp to u keep yours at? any more pics?
the vulgaris pic u sent looks exactly like mine for the bluecrabs there is a seafood store like 3min. away that sells live bluecrabs .. the temp in my tank stays around 79-80 pics that are on the computer still trying to get them on a cd..thanks for the link

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