check this out - something big's cooking!!!

MECHNICAL BREAKDOWN????????????? :shock:

Alright. It's 7:34 EST. You have 26 minutes or I hop on a plane!!!!!!!!!!

(I wish!!!!)


Not sooooo patiently waiting, and if it's a maggot..........................


OK, you're gonna kill me. The films, while containing many amusing shots of Steve, don't have the pics I wanted because I had to switch rolls...
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. 5 shots or not, I'm taking those suckers (ahem) in for developing this afternoon.
Guess you can watch State of the Union instead... :oops:


And it's not naggots [sic] - I promise.
Aarghh! What are you lot up to? Tintenfisch.... Torquemada more like!

You are evil, torturing us like this. We'll send you our medical bills, then you'll regret winding us up like this!
I can vouch for T-fisch; this film confusion was a most unfortunate incident/accident. Morrow prints will be out in 1 hr (we did finish off one offending roll of film on horseback this avo .... atop the worlds largest and longest stallion it was .... we are on holiday you know :biggrin2: ), and as soon as we get my scanner operational TTF will have an image online. Unfortunately none of the shots of Steve can be reproduced online ... for reasons we'll not go into.

Sorry all, but the wait will be worth it. We're considering not telling you everything .... perhaps we'll just put a single image online, without text, and get you to determine the significance of it .... or perhaps we'll give you a few clues.

What do you want? A challenge or something delivered to you on a plate?

(aka, one cog in the axis of dark and dastardly eveeeel)
Well....... I say challenge! Still waiting................................... :roll:

Hmmmmm...... Steve's photo's cannot be seen........Hmmmmmm.........

I ARE dark and dastardly eeeeviiiillll. BUt....I think a challenge is also a quite cool idea. Of course, it means you'll have to camp out on the thread to see our ideas as they trickle in, but...

I suppose I can't blame those who are just dying to know RIGHT NOW for hating us for liking this idea... :twisted:

Grr... I agree that a challenge would be fun, but please let this not be another cold fusion! :P

I remember one time on a coastal ecology trip, my instructor's husband, apparently in a bad mood and in a moment of inspired arrogance exclaimed "Marine biology is a waste of time. All the great discoveries have already been made." I seem to remember Max Planck's father making the same remark about physics some time before Planck went on to discover Quantum Theory. I think that those who forget the thrill of discovery have lost their way in the sciences. Its good, either way....

So, if you'll excuse my ramblings... Tintenfisch... BRING ON THE CHALLENGE!! THE GAME IS AFOOT!! :lol:

Sushi and Sake,


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