Charles McCarthy

Feb 8, 2006

I found this tread/website by googling my name along with Adult Swim because I am trying to get a job at Adult Swim.

Which you can help me with by going to my campain headquarters/blog

I am very interested in squids etc.

Has anyone heard the Ricky Gervais podcast number 9 or 10?

Karl is apparently always talking about squid getting into jars.

Where did this come from?

Yeah, I guess Adult Swim might like the mix of "go getter" and "total slacker" you have on the web page... good luck. If you get hired, tell them that "Tom Goes to the Mayor" sucks.

Probably, around here you should focus more on the cephalopods and less on your employment, unless you want to fork out the $ for the off-topic areas in the supporters section... however, Adult Swim comes up pretty often in the "Cephalopods in Culture and Entertainment" section...
Uh, why would I want you to get a job at swm ? This almost reeks of spam, but you did say that you like squids.

so, welcome to the discussions about Cephs.

Whitekiboko has a quote from "Charlie McCarthy" in his sig file. He had a post about adult swim, which is why came up in a Google search for Charles McCarthy adult swim.

Looks like you have a petition going... good luck with that!
tonmo said:
Whitekiboko has a quote from "Charlie McCarthy" in his sig file.

The quote was from the edgar bergen creation.... as for adult swim, there have been numerous mentions with futurama, and the one time planned series 'squidbillies'...

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