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Nov 19, 2002
Anyone (other than TTF and Phil) want to guess what the attached image is? Yes, it's from a cephalopod, but that's the only clue.

I've deliberately textured the image (bricks) - sorry everyone, but this one is embargoed.

Oh please ! Anyone can tell that that is the textured mouth roof of a Sphynx grandis...jeez !
(yeah right...nice pic, but what the h is it?)
its obvious that theyre the initial stage of an octoparrot's feathers....

hmm... i dunno... maybe some type of velcro type appendages on or around the suckers used for a better grip?
Well, they look like dermal denticles of sharks, so i searched for dentacles on tonmo, and the answer is on this very site i believe :smile:

Richard Ellis' review of "the BEAST" mentions microscopic denticles on the tongue of an Architeuthis...

is this the answer?


This is the kind of answer I was expecting (and what others may-well have assumed in the fossil record also), but it's not the right answer.

Exactly what is a radula?
What exactly is a 'denticle'?
What is the tongue of an Architeuthis (or any mollusc)?

No, these are not radular [adj.] structures, and not associated with the 'toungue'. but you're warm.

It's pretty sensational stuff!
Is it the nacreous layer of a nautilus shell? :P

"He thought: Very well. I am now a man with no food, with two less fingers and one less toe than I was born with; I am a gunslinger with shells which may not fire; I am sickening from a monster's bite and have no medicine; I have a day's water if I'm lucky; I may be able to walk perhaps a dozen miles if I press myself to the last extremity. I am, in short, a man on the edge of everything."

- Roland Deschain, Last in the line of Arthur Eld
From The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King
You haven't forgotten the face of your father John !

I did see a photo of a similar looking structure, but as was mentioned before, it was a skin surface from a shark... :frown:
Hmmm, tongue was my only guess, same reference as Thom's (Richard Ellis book)... but I've got nothing else; I'm stumped... wonder what species this is... (request for hint fully embedded)
Usually only hard parts of animals are fossilized.

Cephalopod Hard Parts:
  1. External Chambered Shell
  2. Internal Gladius/Pen/Rostrum
  3. Aptychus (Jaws, Beak, Opercullum)
  4. Radular Elements
  5. Tentacle hooks/Sucker Rings
  6. Statoliths

I'll choose tentacle hooks just to choose something :smile:

Unless someone can add something to the list :shock:

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