Ceph's in Video Games

Apr 3, 2003
Not sure how many video game nuts frequent this site, but I thought I'd mention the coolest ceph I've ever seen in a video game and see if anyone else has any other VG ceph references.

For the Playstation 1 and 2, the Soul Reaver (legacy of Kain) games feature a Cthuluesque creature that lurks in the depths of Nosgoth and advises the game's hero, Raziel, through his trials and tribulations. The ceph is voiced by the same guy that did Frolo in Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame." Very creepy!

:cthulhu: Matt
The recent PC game 'The Secret of the Nautilus' is supposed to have a giant squid. Quite right too; how could any game about Nemo not have one!

I have not played it (reviews are so-so) but it may be worth looking out for.
In the Gamecube game "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker", you have to deal with rock-spitting octopus-like creatures called "Octoroks". Also, sometimes in your adventures sailing across the sea, you run into what are called "big octos", HUGE cephs that attack you.... Luckily, your little boat has a cannon....

And in "Enter the Matrix", there's a running firefight against metallic octo-like robotic killing machines nicknamed "Squiddies".

Come to think of it, there are a lot of cephs in video games... maybe I should dust off my old collection and report back later...

Sushi and Sake,

Just about every Mario Bros. title on every Nintendo system has at least a few squid in them, in the underwater levels. In fact, the latest GameCube Mario (Mario Sunshine) features a battle with a giant squid as a level-ending boss. You have to pull each tentacle off, dodge, shoot, pull another off, that kind of thing.

The Donkey Kong titles on Super Nintendo (SNES) have octopuses -- one of them even has blue rings in the later levels!
Oh! now you've done it Tony! You mentioned blue rings !!!! Prepare for all the warning labels they are going to have to put on that video game box!
"DANGER!, game may contain blue ring octopuses, whose venom is highly neurotoxic and can be fatal, before purchasing this game, read at least 47 articles on how dangerous these animals are, purchase a HAZMAT suit, learn CPR, and be able to pilot small planes*."
*in case of bite, victim must be transported from video game to poison control center within 10 minutes

Avast All,

Discovery.com has a little Flash "game" in which the player rides a submersible below New Zealand's waters in search of Architeuthis. (I placed "game" in quotes because, well, it doesn't involve much play or user input, and feels more like a benign deep-sea kidnapping, but oh well.)

Meanwhile, Capcom's Megaman XZ: The Maverick Hunters features a character named Squid Adler:

Someone really needs to design a sophisticated, compelling game with a ceph as the protagonist. Perhaps the "game glove" interface hardware could finally be put to full use...fingers for arms, thumbs for tentacles...steal this idea, please.


Whoa! More squid sightings in the sky pirate adventure game "Skies of Arcadia: Legends": There's a giant (I mean, HUGE) flying squid creature that patrols the southern skies. It attacks using arms and the magical "black ink' attack.

Sushi and Sake

You mean "Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2"? Well, the Soviet Psychic scientist Yuri creates mind control devices that control giant squid which attack ships, divers, and the like. The best defense against them, provided you are playing "Allied Forces", is to use dolphins. If you are playing Soviets, use the squid to patrol waterways and sieze ships.

Sushi and Borscht,

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