Cephs in Board Games


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Nov 19, 2002
We've had cephs in video games, does anyone know of cephs appearing in board games?

Here's one I own, but unfortunately have never played because it is mind-bogglingly complex and no-one who visits me wants to give it a try. :cry:

This is a supplement to a sadly out of print (?) game called 'Insecta', which is a game of invertebrate combat between real world insects and player designed invertebrates. This supplement, called 'Trilobite' allows the players to engage in combat between various prehistoric invertebrates. Claws have damage points, ink sacs used to disorientate opponents, tentacles seize, carapaces act defensively but limit movement, etc, etc.

Ammonites can therefore battle with sea scorpions, or belemnites can take on a swarm of leeches. Combat takes place on the standard hex-grid and involves die rolling.

Attached are a few photos of the cephalopod stats cards, and a few others.

When are you popping round, Fujisawas?

:nautiloi: vs :belemnit: :vampyro: vs :ammonite:
hmmm, that almost looks like d&d (dungeons and dragons mmmmm).
I'm sure there's some cephs in that, though that's not really a board game so I'm cheating :P
Speaking of that, is there someone out there who could help me come up with some stats for a "land octo" or "land cuttle" familiar or animal companion?

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