Cephs in the News

Melissa said:
And how did the dogs get beyond the ammonia scent, forget the pepper, to smell the coke?

probably another case where the media plays it loose with the jumbo/giant giant/colossal descriptions.....
Jean said:
They used pepper to try to bamboozle the dogs? I'd've thought the ammonia would have done that anyway :smile: Way to go dogs!!!!
I reckon :oshea: moonlights as a sniffer dog for the peruvian border police.... No later than yesterday he was bragging about his remarkable sense of smell. :bonk: That would also explain why he hasn't been around much (both here at the lab and online) :mrgreen:

That is a frightening image...Dr.SOS stalking about a terminal, nose to the floor...
Some ball pythons were found here a couple of years ago with bricks of heroin in them at the airpark. Those drug smugglers are somewhat inventive !
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