Cephalopods on the Lehrer News Hour


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Mar 17, 2003
It may be too late to catch it, but the News Hour did a segment yesterday (July 16) on Claire Nouvain's new book, "The Deep". Included were some incredible photos and video clips of cephalopods I think the program is going to post some of the photos as supporting material.

Very interesting, everyone should watch this. Dr. Roy (Neogonodactylus) recommended the book by Claire Nouvian, The Deep, some time ago. A number of us purchased it at the time and have enjoyed the unforgettable photos of deep sea life (including cephs). This book - and the interviews - are an important effort to make people aware of the deep and its inhabitants and move to protect it.

What Roy doesn't mention is that he was also interviewed in this segment - don't miss it!

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