Cephalopod Tattoo Owner's Survey


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May 30, 2000
Hello cephalopod tattoo owners!

I'd like to get your input for an article I am working on about cephalopod tattoos. Below is a list of 8 questions (how appropriate!). This will only take a moment of your time and your answers will be anonymous if you email them to me at [email protected]. If you'd like to post them here, you can do that too... I started with an email solicitation to people who had contributed their tattoo photos to our image gallery, and received 10 responses, so it's a good start. At this point, I'll ask anyone who responds to this survey to email me a picture of their tattoo, and also let me know whether it's OK to add it to the gallery. Thanks in advance!

1) Which kind of cephalopod tattoo did you get?
a. octopus
b. squid
c. cuttlefish

2) Did you get a particular species?
a. Yes (please name it)
b. No

3) Did you give your tattoo a name?
a. Yes (please provide)
b. No

4) What location on your body is your tattoo?
a. Right Arm
b. Left Arm
c. Right Leg
d. Left Leg
e. Right Foot
f. Left Foot
g.Upper Back
h. Lower Back
i. Buttocks
j. Torso
k. Neck
l. Other (please specify!)

5) In your own words, what made you choose a cephalopod for a tattoo?

6) How much did you pay for your tattoo (US dollars)?
a. Less than $100
b. $100 to $250
c. $250 to $500
d. $500 to $1000
e. Over $1000

7) Did the tattoo end up looking the way you envisioned it?
a. Yes, completely
b. For the most part, yes
c. Somewhat
d. For the most part, no
e. No, not at all

8) How happy are you overall with your cephalopod tattoo?
a. Very Happy
b. Somewhat Happy
c. Indifferent
d. Somewhat Disappointed
e. Very Disappointed

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