Catching octopus in Juneau, Alaska.


May 7, 2004
Juneau, Alaska
A friend and I were looking for specimens for the Douglas Island Salmon Hatchery aquariums here in Juneau, Alaska. He is a biologist and is in charge of their aquariums. We took a small skiff to an island called Shelter Island. I have "pounded" around the tidal areas for 50 years but had never found any octopus before. He noticed crab shells around a large flat rock. He said there may be an octopus under this rock. He got on one end and I on the other end. He said on the count of three we will turn it over. We turned it over. I have never seen anything move so fast.The octopus was at his end one second and at my end the next. My friend didn't see where it had gone to. We caught it and it has been doing fine. We caught it last July. Its feeding well.From the tip of the tentacles to the head, its about 3 feet long. They sure are a cool animal. We are going to bring it back to the place we found it when we find a smaller one. :biggrin2:
I Will Keep You Posted on the Octopus.

My friend caught another octopus just a few days ago. Smaller smaller one this time. The next low minus tides will be the first part of June. I won't be in town for those. He may release the one we found then. I will let you know what happens. :biggrin2:
i live in hoonah in the summer time and i was wondering how it is that you are catching them? are you just lifting up suspicious rocks like kids at the beach, or are you using somthing to get them to come out? i tried a the clay pot trick but with no sucess. i really want to catch one myself, and will be in hoonah at the time of those minus tides. i am going to make my own tank to house it in too. and all the food will be extreemly cheap!
Is there a particular trick to actually catching the octopus once you've found them? I know people dive for them, and have seen pictures of people holding their catch afterwards, but I never quite figured out how they do it.

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