Cat Dog!!! Trapped in Fearocious Octopus

Hmm... sounds like Tony's dream where he woke up flailing and yelling 'Octopus, octopus!'

... maybe he better re-post that himself though... :mrgreen:
what did your daughter actually mean????? :lol: was she dreaming?
No dreams, just good old nickalodean cartoons!!!!

Must have been a sick mind to invent Catdog (1/2cat on one end and 1/2 dog the other)


So....em.... how does CatDog go to the toilet? How does is chase it tail? How does the dog end climb the trees with the cat end? How........... arghhhh my brain! :goofysca:
Do they fight when it's time to eat???? Who gets to eat first???? ??????'ve opened up a can of worms here!!!!


Ahhh good :P :lol: I like it when that happens!

Now, if someone can just tell me if it has cat fleas, dog fleas or both?!


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