Captive born baby Rock Anemonies


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Dec 20, 2002
West Palm Beach, Florida
Check out these baby rock anemones. Captive sexual reproduction of rock anemones, and cnidarians in general, isn't very common in captivity. Most cnidarians release both eggs and sperm, which combine to form a small planula. When this happens in captivity, standard aquarium filtraion usually removes them. With rock anemones, the females eggs are fertilized internally. She then broods the little ones until they are a bit smaller than a pea and then releases them. This has happened before in captivity but is pretty rare. Last week I found a bunch of little ones all around mom in her cup. Mom is green and orange, most of the kids are green or orange.
Really cool video! It will be exciting seeing these babies grow. I don't have much experience with anemones, how long do you expect it to take these to grow to be the size of the mother?
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