Canada/NZ Postdoctoral opportunity

I am older than you are but have had the opportunity to spend some time with Can-eh-dians (sorry about my prior misspelling, I have only heard Can-eh-dians and not corresponded with them:biggrin2: - that's a fact, not stereotype)
Jeez, you leave for tropical paradise for a few days and all sorts happen without you!

Steve O'Shea;87899 said:
Anyone in New Zealand interested in a Postdoc in Canada? (I wish it was the other way around; someone from Canada coming to New Zealand to work on squid life histories, systematics or conservation).

If only, Steve. All in due time...:twisted:

Heather Braid said:
I’m a student in Canada and right now I’m in the Marine and Freshwater Biology program. Once I have a bachelor degree, I would like to go to New Zealand to get a Master’s Degree.

Hey Heather!
I haven't bumped into you around here yet. I'm from London, but am out in Halifax at Dalhousie getting my undergrad (in marine biology too!). How is Guelph's program? I couldn't really decide on which program, though I knew BC was going to be too far away. Oh, and if you ever need an elective, take bee-keeping. My uncle teaches it, which gets me some fun faces from friends who go there.

And to add my :twocents: , after spending 10 days on a boat with southern Americans, I'd much rather have the odd 'eh?' sneak out then sound like them 24/7. (Well, actually we had a fairly well represented group of American accents on board, though the majority were south'rn.)

Now, take off hoser! Ya hear?

That’s really neat that you’re in Marine Biology too! I’m only in my first year at Guelph so all the classes that I’m taking are introductory. To be perfectly honest I’m not all that fond of most of the courses, but I know that it will be better next year. Everyone I have talked to about university tells me that after first year the courses are harder, but then you are really learning what you went there for. I’ve never thought of bee-keeping as an elective, but that sounds really cool.

How are things in Halifax?
Chin up Heather, introductory classes are almost always less than interesting! The problem is that lecturers have to get everybody up to the same level before they move on to more advanced classes so they have to work at what they assume is the lowest level of knowledge in the class.................still if you're ahead of everyone you should ace the exams :biggrin2:

Heather Braid;88921 said:
How are things in Halifax?

To prevent further hyjacking, which Jean has already addressed in a previous thread
(:biggrin2:), I PMed you.

Anyways, if anyone from NZ is planning on coming up north (way north) please drop this thread a line. I'd love to hear how you make out, and lend any assistance I could. (especially if you're heading to my end of town!)


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