Can anyone identify this octopus for me?

Aug 13, 2009
I know I've seen this species before but I can't remember what the species name is. Can anyone help?


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No idea where it was caught. I originally thought indo-pacific but the sales person said that it wasn't on their indo-pacific item list. It is so beautiful. You can't see it but it changed greenish white to dark auburn red.
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They were just titled "brown octopus." I haven't gotten them yet. I just placed the order. I'm hoping for Vulgaris. I know they are a small egged species, but I want to try to raise them through their planktonic stage. I've been reading a lot of different sources from others that have successfully raised them from eggs and I want to try. I bought three in the hopes that I'll get at least one male and one female. If so then I'm going to take the third to the store and trade it in for this amazingly beautiful animal. I should have them in by the end of the week hopefully.
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But don't worry. I'm not going to put them all in the same aquarium. I have several tanks to put them in. Plus the octopus in the pictures above is about the size of a quarter if not smaller.
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See I was thinking O. Cyanea as well, but I couldn't recall any having eye spots nor could I find a picture with one. I know all cephs are venomous just like spiders, but aren't O. Cyanea more venomous then most when it comes to humans? I don't know, I read online somewhere that they were slightly venomous to humans if bitten.
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Ok well I would like to retract my previous statements. I do believe you are right. I just found what I believe is a German website with a bunch of pictures of O. Cyanea and as not each picture looks exactly like the ones above in this thread, each one has sever characteristics that match. Thanks for your help.
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Ok so I went back to the aquarium store today for some more water and I saw the octopus crawling around the front of the tank but instead of the pictures above it had changed completely to a bright yellow almost the same color of the blue ringed octopus. I asked the live stock manager where it came from and he said the Caribbean. The octopus is labeled a dwarf octopus brieruem, but I've never heard of that. At first I thought they might have been trying to say octopus briareus, but I knew the second I saw it it was not an O. Briareus. Does anyone else have any other opinions on this octopus' true identity or is the consensus still on O. Cyanea?


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It's hard to tell but it looks like there's a little blue in the middle of the ocellus. If this is the case, then it's probably O. hummelincki. Octopus cyanea has a very plain ocellus, with no iridescence.
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