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Can an octopus eat a whole iguana?


Dec 2, 2002
I had the craziest thing happen recently.

Jake, my green iguana, is litterbox trained and can roam my apartment freely. He's about 12 pounds, and a little over 5 feet long.

Tomi, my Octopus bimaculoides, is a very VERY feisty octopus. He's extremely tame and loves to "play" with anything given to him- cleaning net, aquarium tools, sticks, thermometers, Jimbo- anything. Anything that enters the water is fair game, and he will usually grab it as soon as it breaks the surface....and then play tug-O-war with it.

One day, Jake climbed on Tomi's tank while the lid was open. His tail fell in. The picture says it all.

Cheers, Jimbo
That is hilarious. Methinks your octo is a little, shall we say, optimistic!

Good one.

After snapping a few shops of the encounter, my girlfriend and I intervened and separated the optimistic cephalopod and a very understandably aggravated iguana. I can't imagine what would have happened had we not been there. Iguanas will drop their tails in moments of extreme stress...and this moment was heading for the "extreme stress" category very quickly.

Tomi is about 5" ML and approximately the size of a grapefruit. He's the largest and most interesting Bimac I've ever kept.

Cheers, J
HA! Yeah, I'm with everyone else, awesome picture! You should enter it as "Photo of the Week" for some publication somewhere, that's a classic.
Nice pic Jimbo!

I have a pretty scar on my finger from where an angry iguana tried to remove the top part....

I'm glad to see that over here they are hardly offered as pets anymore... good to see one looking so good

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