Buying Nautili in England?

I don't know any places selling nautilus in England but I think some of our other members like colin will be able to help you. Have any plans on keeping them?

Well just too let you know, they have and need very special requirements
tmc only sell to the trade and last i seen, nautiluses were trading at £200 each... lot of money for something to die on you as most imported specimens do
Thought as much,

I'm going to try and breed Nautilus I think, we have an awsome tank set up at the moment, just waiting for my Sea Snakes to move on and see if I can persuade them... it's them or Leafy Sea Dragons!!!
Sea-dragons, they're illegal to catch and are endangered, I wonder how you're gonna get one? Its S$2000 overhere and really really really hard to get. Way more than a Nautilus. I'm still not recommending the nautilus Btw.
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