"Brown" octo title


Aug 3, 2007
Just curious on what kind of octo most LFS would use "brown" for. My LFS has one and it is brown and curled up is a little smaller that a silver dollar. They are selling him for 60 bucks. The guy there said he did not know how old it is but I have seen him there for about a month now. I really wanted a Bimac but I almost feel like getting this guy so he gets out of there-- Oh, and btw that same store calls a bimac a monkey something or other- dont remember the second part but has anyone heard this term before?
Brown octopus is a generic term that has been applied to many species.

If you've watched this octopus for a month or so and it hasn't grown, maybe it's a dwarf. Have you looked at the mercatoris photos? Or, it could be something else. It must be doing fairly well to have survived a month. What else do you know about it? Did they tell you what part of the world it came from?

Monkey something? Ask your LFS again.

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Yeah, I was guessing a dwarf and I really didnt want to go that route since they are not as social and more noctournal. As for much more info it was hard to tell today because he is in a critter cage in the tank and is in the top portion mostly blocked by the colored lid. I know this doesnt help much. I will try again to find out the monkey thing.. thanks

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I live in Blackwood but the LFS I am talking about is Value Pet and I think its considered Pennsauken-- its right near cooper river and the driving range-- I think its Airport plaza. Hope this helps!!
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Its been about 2- all my readings have been stable for awhile now so that is why I was considering it.. Believe me, if I thought I would have any negative effect I would never do it but I definately understand your sentiment as well as respect your concerns--I have read about alot of those too. I just feel bad for him as well-he doesnt even have a place to hide in there and to me that seems like a very stressfull situation in a pet store with all that activity. But, alas that is why I am here asking too!!
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The three month wait isn't just for cycling and stable readings, it's for a mature tank that can handle the waste that an octopus produces. Three months gives your tank enough time to have a good population of bacteria that will break down the waste an octopus produces. Your tank is still building up a population of bacteria. Even with careful monitoring of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels, you could still have a spike that would be harmful to an octopus.
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