Dec 15, 2007
here are some pics of my new guy.any help with id would be great.


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yea im pretty confident it's briareus. I find it so weird that i live in Florida (where briareus are commomly found) yet i cant find anyone thats currently selling one. haha, thats the pet trade i guess. Just wondering, at what time does he usually come out?
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The eyes look like a briareus and it's nocturnal. Does it have deep webbing? and do you ever see an iridescent blue-green color?

Nice octopus!

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Sorry I missed the part about the webbing - I had looked at this thread before and just skimmed over it again.

It's good if we actually hear the description (like the blue green color) from the owner, photos can be deceiving. So far it could be a briareus.

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he has the blue-green color,and sometimes he is a greyish color with rusty red patches.sorry i didn't add any description with my first post,i was a little excited about my new octo,and wanted to share some pics and maybe get ad id at the same time.thank you for your help.
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Thats good news, is the octopus mostly nocturnal or getting used to being out through the day?
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