Brackish Water Octopus


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Sep 4, 2006
Cape Coral, FL

First record of pouched octopus, Cistopus platinoidus in a tropical estuary


Octopuses are marine benthic stenohaline organisms that exhibit a short range of migration within marine habitats and avoid brackish or freshwater environments. The present document is the first record of 'pouched octopus', Cistopus platinoidus Sreeja et al.Kumar 2015 2015, from a tropical estuarine system. We collected 15 specimens of C. platinoidus from the set bag nets operated in Narmada estuary, located 40 km away from the river mouth with an in-situ salinity of 17.63. This report is a new finding of an octopus species from a brackish water ecosystem outside its normal inhabitance range to the best of our knowledge.
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