Book Review: The Swarm


Jan 22, 2004
The Swarm by Frank Schätznig (ISBN: 0340895233)

Deep Sea exploration, giant squid, oil and human pollution, marauding whales, bioluminescence, monstrous tsunamis.... oh my! Has this book got it all??

Some of you might have read this already as it was originally published in German in 2004; since my knowledge of German is rusty at best, I grabbed this book only now (which is likely to be six months after the rest of the world anyway).
To define the story in a few words: "The Sea strikes back". Under the disguise of a major disaster yarn, the author is giving a very grim view of the things to come. And they will come. I'm sure the readers of this board are aware of the endless list of depredations we inflict daily on the oceans. Oh sure, there is a story and you empathise with the characters and their struggles but the information is very well grounded in good science. For example, the complexity of the dynamics of a tsunami are presented without any of the jargon you'd expect. As much as I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend to anybody, it leaves you with a weird feeling of foreboding. It, as in the whole planet, is going down the drain and yet we keep go on driving our cars, eating our processed food and dumping our wastes. Ignorance (or selective hearing) is truly bliss :goofysca:


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