Bob Tail Squid?

Oct 20, 2005
I recently got an interest in bobtail squid and i was wondering if anyone knows where i might find one? Also if you have any info on them please let me know it will be gladly appreciated thanks! Oh and sorry about this being a little off topic I wasnt sure what to catagorize this under.
Wow hey man thanks for that site i knew i saw a place that sold em and that link was the one i was thinking of so thanks! and if anymore info is avalible please keep it coming! thanks!
Hey OO,

On a marine biology trip we caught a few bobtail squid of a small warf - basicially we used a small light trap powered by a car battery to catch them.

The light trap is made of clear acrylic and has funneled entrances so they cant get back out. This trap was actually for catching plankton and other animals but we caught 3 bobtail squid after only 2 hours.
They died pretty quickly, although one did last over night. They were in a 2 cm deep viewing tray - which is probably the reason for their quick demise.
Unfortunately I didnt know what I know about them now, it would have been great to try and see how long I could keep them alive. Their chromatophores were cool - when you move close to them they went dark red. The squids were about 4 cm's long, and I'm pretty sure they were bobtails.
Feelers you probably caught Sepioloidea pacifica You're right about that viewing tray. These wee guys startle easily! We do keep them in the aquarium from time to time, usually in with the seahorses so they're not harrassed too much. We have also hatched them out! they lay eggs on subtidal rocks and under seaweed blades. Looks like tapioca stuck onto the rock/weed. IMHO not really the best pet! They are very noctural and spend a lot of time buried in sand with only their eyes showing. They can turn cannibal and can escape through smaller holes than an octi!

PS there's a pic of one of our wee guys in the thread New Arrivals at Portobello. The bobtail is the RH pic!
Hey Feelers, thanks for that info that must have been pretty cool, Their chromatophores is probablly what amazes me the most and i have heard there bahavior is awesome! Oh yeah man how your setup going? when and if you get some pics i would love to see them! well i hope all is well! :smile:

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