Blackout in Eastern US


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I was wondering how our members are doing who reside here. Luckily so far this has not affected my area. I know we have several NY members who have octos and I hope everything is ok! Hope to hear!!!
Will keep my fingers crossed!!

Yeah, that is a problem...I have a friend in Cali that suffered quite a few losses due to a power outage there last year. He has actually gone so far as to purchase a generator in case it happens again. I just keep about a hundred gallons of salt water on hand all of the time (those 7$ garbage cans at Ace hardware are perfect!) for some quick water changes if needed. Knock on wood, we haven't had any power outages yet...I feel really bad for all of those people! Having ridden the subway several times there, I can't imagine being stuck on it for 8+ hours! :shock:
Yeah, I have friends who were in NYC doing the highway walking... poor souls. It came all the way up into CT near my undergrad school.

Luckily, we were ok here in Boston, too..
Poor Canadians

Yep its affecting my town big time. Everyone was outside drinking lots last night!!! LOL its all good. Its funny how it was a state of emergency and all us Canadians were concerned with was where the nearest beer store was, that was opened :lol:
Anyway, my work was really affected by this loss of power since i work in the aviation, what a mess!!!! :shock:
Yeah, I had friends and family stranded in NYC (found places to stay w/ friends though)... sounds like it was quite a night last night!

Glad to see the power coming back...
You mentioned aviation!! I am supposed to fly out of Laguardia this afternoon at 3:15 to the Keys!! Supposedly the flights scheduled to go out on time! I almost hopped in my car and drove down!! We'll see.... :shock:

cthulhu77 said:
I've got it! A TONMO brand wind-mill!!!! Tony, we will make millions!!!!

and since its inspired by an octo, itll have 8 arms/sails/blades instead of 3 or 4, catching a lot more wind :roll:
A "patented" wooden octopus windmill????? You have got to be kidding. I guess I need to hit the patent office for all of my yard ornaments!!! (do you think the pink flamingo is already taken?)
I was at the shore where we had power but my sweetie stayed behind to work - in IT! No work could be done. Another friend was one of the last people evacuated from the subway, after 2 1/2 hours in the heat and dark. that would make any person a bit shaky. I stayed away until power was restored. Everything is getting back to normal now, but I hope we hear that all is well from people who have tanks in areas that were affected.

Who will design a portable octopus windmill to generate power for just these occasions?

Seriously tho' you can get battery operated bubblers, not perfect I know but desperate times!! If aquarium shops don't carry them try hunting/fishing shops, apparently mad keen anglers use them in their bait buckets!


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