Biomechanics involved in octopus arm reaching

Aug 19, 2003
I'm going to start an independent study with a prof here at TAMUG and am interested in the mechanics behind octopus arm reaching. I have been very unsuccessful in finding background info. I have only found two articles and both are more centered in neurobiology.
I'm basically just looking for any works on biomechanics with cephalopods.
Any help is most appreciated
Hi A/C,

Check out the journals Copeia, Journal of Malacology, and Malacologica. I would suggest going back at least ten years from present date. I'll make some phone calls and see if I can find out anything more.

Sushi and Sake,

Check that ... Malacologica and Nature seem to be the best advice. Also, contact the NRCC. Good luck on the research!

Sorry, but I'm "pissed as a chook" as Steve O' would say... Been drinking with my wife and members of the Wildlife Dept. at HSU. Today was Wildlife Conclave, and I got to help dissect a cougar, and a deer, and get to learn more about wildlife around the area than I thought possible. Then the drinking started and I remember talking about zoology with someone... and then...

Oh, I'm going to hear about this tomorrow... :shock:

There's a VERY interesting article due out in the next issue of 'Science' regarding this very subject, and a follow-up piece in 'New Scientist', but I'm afraid that I am not at liberty to talk about it (it is not my work; I'm just privy to a little inside information).

Keep your eyes peeled next week. If anyone has seen any behaviour comparable to that about to be reported I'd be very interested in hearing about it.

Bill Kier rules, and that article in The Mollusca was splendid. Anyone with access to it should read it, and those who don't might try to get at least a little taste of the relevant stuff from here. That article on octopus suckers by Kier and Smith could also do with a touch of 'popularizing' somewhere here at

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