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Bimaculoides Hatchlings


Jun 9, 2006
On Sunday night we had thousands of bimaculoides hatchlings appear in our 125 gallon tank. We have about 60lbs of live rock, 6 or so oysters and several Bimac proof laaarrrrggggeee clams. We covered the filter boxes with pantyhose. There were thousands on Monday morning visable in the divits in the sand at the quiet end of the tank. Since last night (Thursday)we have not been able to see masses of them anywhere, in fact this morning I could only count 17 individuals.
Who knows where they went?????:
Many have likely been canibalized, and many more have found hiding places in the live rock.

Are you sure the parent was O. bimaculoides? (ie, where did you get her?)

To clean a very outdated post up here, (I'm the new daddysquoc spokesperson), she was O. bimaculatus. This explains the planktonic larval stage. None of the young were raised to adulthood, unfortunately.
Interestingly, mass disapearances at about a week seem common to both large and small egg species if my current O. briareus hatchlings are typical. I think I will do some trolling through old threads this week to see if I can see a trend we have more or less missed.
I was also wasn't expecting hatchlings at all..........I believed my female to be a male who had gone into senescence (her den was the small in the front opening, large inside the live rock type, so I never saw the eggs)........and if memory serves, I think I was having and Aiptasia problem at the time too, which couldn't have helped the poor little things.

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