Bimac's in Pa!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
I just returned from a day trip to Lancastor Pennsylvania and of course we had to stop at That Pet Place/That Fish Place in Centerville in Lancastor and they had 2 Bimacs that they had posted as a different kind. If I could have finagled it, I would have brought one back with me! I still maybe going back out if I can figure out how to combine a 27 flatback hex, which has my jawfish in it, into my 47 flatback and move my freshwater tank into the 27 :idea: I had the kid that was helping me pick up the pet homes they were in and showed him the 2 blue eye spots on both!

Anyway, if anyone is looking, and lives within driving distance, they looked very healthy and this is where Hermin came from, who I had 6 months.

Silly me! I knew you are both in PA but it didn't occur to me to ask where when I went to Easton and the Appalachian Trail for the 4th. :oops: I will be smarter about this when I next visit my friends there.

Isn't there quite a few of us within this area??? I know I will be back in the Lancaster area probably in a week or so. Too bad we couldn't set up something, if not Lancastor in a central area for eastern members????


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