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Bimacs Escaping-A Quick Question

Dec 4, 2002
I forgot to ask- is there a reason no one's mentioned using rubber bands to secure netting? Is there a problem having rubber bands in the water or something?

Thanks everyone- you are all such a great help!
Hi girlfish,
I haven't heard of any problem using rubber bands to secure netting.
If you're covering an area above the water level, you can use duck tape, too.

I have heard of adverse effects coming from black rubber (india rubber) bands in salt water, but the tan bands seem to be just fine.
Does the natural rubber (latex) decompose/degrade in the water? I was using nylon cable ties...they work, and may be harder for a ceph to remove, but at the same time I don't think they create as TIGHT a seal as a rubber band would, not being as flexible.

You are correct...the rubber does tend to fail after constant immersion in saltwater for more than a month...so you do have to change them. I usually did it when I cleaned out the impellers, etc.

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