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Nov 20, 2002
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About the time that I got Ollie, at the beginning of March, a number of other Tonmo members got similar wild-caught bimacs from Fish Supply, and we decided to think of them as siblings - they could be brothers and sisters, after all.

So, haven't heard about some of the siblings for some time - what's up? Are they all about full grown now? Have they all rearranged their live rock like Ollie?

Ollie is doing fine, and is about full grown by now. I figure he is 6 1/2 to 7 months old. He prefers frozen gulf shrimp to live scallop now, and has come to like crawfish, too. He is more trusting and sleeps out where we can see him. Ollie has never liked Lego blocks or other toys, but does like the tug of war with the feeding stick (Pull the Stick).

So what about Ollie's brothers and sisters?

Hi Nancy!

Have been waiting to hear how the other siblings are!!!! Ink just passed the 3 month mark yesterday! He is deffinately biggier than Hermin was after being here 6 months. Makes me wonder about sizes with Bimacs. Do they average different growths according to genetics cause Ink is deffinately bigger! He still loves that green lego! Tonight he was chasing a good size killie fish all over the tank! Many sneak attacks! Both have since disapeared, so I'm assuming Ink is happily munching! He likes whatever I throw in for him to eat. Hasn't refused anything yet! And I have noticed things have been being moved in his tank! Plus he's back into disconnecting the powerhead again!

Hope to hear about the rest!!!

Thanks, Carol. Ink's looking great!

His behavior is quite different from Ollie's. Ollie didn't like the Lego block or any toy I've ever tried to give him. And he can be a somewhat picky eater, taking food but returning it politely a few minutes later. That means, I've learned, that he wants something else, usually shrimp. If he's not hungry, he refuses it outright.

I'm attaching the latest Ollie pic, Ollie on the back wall of the tank behind the powerhead. You can also see the urchin, who's more than doubled in size.

Ollie seems to find it fun to hold on the powerhead outlet and have the water blow on him. I've seem him do this many times recently.

So, how about the rest of the siblings? (reports of other octos welcome too)

Vader Lives

Glad to hear the other siblings are still doing well. Vader is doing very well also. Best guess, he has quadrupled in size. His mantle is approx. 4 inches long and his tentacles stretch to at least 15 inches. He is still voracious and I have to feed him everyday or he tries to eat one of my turbo snails. He is not picky at all and loves live red crabs or ghost shrimp, but will also eat chunks of prawn or any type of fish I buy at my local grocery. The only thing he seems to pick at is the freeze dried jumbo shrimp in the can I buy at my LFS, but when he is hungry; even that will suffice.

While he doesn't have any "toys" like Ink, he seems to be quite content in his habitat. With some reluctance I have lifted the lid on the tank when he is on the front glass, but he has shown no desire to poke any part of his body out of the water. Nor has he rearranged any of the rocks in the tank, but he does like to dig into the DSB and created a nice cave under one of the rocks where he will sometimes resides. Usually it is in a elbow shaped PVC pipe sticking out of the DSB.

I'll keep you posted :biggrin2:
Glad to hear the Dark Lord of the Ceph is doing well!

Any others?????

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