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Bimac multi-tank playground


Nov 24, 2002
Hey all:

I found the following link on RC. After looking it over, I couldn't help but wonder what Tralfaz would do If I built a setup like this to another tank? :idea:

Hmmm, I'm now seriously considering doing it. (Of course I need a tank which isn't full of costly swimming potential Tralfaz food. So, does anyone see a major problem with this. (other than the Bimac deciding not to come out of the tunnel) Any comments or advice appreciated.

Having a number of undrilled tanks i have been tempted to connect them.
The one connection i made was a syphon system to supply a protein skimmer which would not fit round the reinforcing bars on a large tank - effectively supplying a horizontal sump tank. As usual it was a Heath-Robinson set-up, twin syphons based on air-lift and flexible pvc tubing, and needed to be de-gassed when too much air accumulated. There was some biological growth in the tubes, so cleaning can be a problem.
I cannot remember any cuttlefish travelling through when they were small enough, but the escape opportunities for octopus might increase.
Another bridge idea could be a siliconed glass system, which could be larger, would need careful support and probably an air evacuation tube at the highest point. Probably cheaper? One disadvantage would be that straight sides would give no magnification!
I have seen industrial glass tubing of interesting sizes but never got round to aquiring it before it was junked.


Well actually, I can get various larger sizes of clear PVC. That is what I think I would use. I think that I might avoid the air problem by having the two downtubes go approx 3/4 of the depth of the tank. Hopefully at that depth not much air would be drawn in to become trapped.

I also thought that I might have the overflow in one tank and the return in the other. That way there would be constant flow between the tanks. However, I realized that with 900 gph return pump, the flow through the tube might be hard enough to discourage Tralfaz from going inside. Instaed, I think that I will just have the normal overflow and return on the main tank. I will then make a mini-overflow (out of acrylic maybe 100 gph) and run it from the secondary tank to the biotower in my sump. Thus, the water which left the secondary tank via the mini overflow would be replaced through the aqua-bridge siphon. I hope that if the flow is gentle enough that Tralfaz might be tempted to explore. :mrgreen:

All aqua-bridges will accumulate gas at the highest point - best to make sure you can remove it as easily as possible. Could be from photosynthesis from growth on the surfaces or out-gassing because of the slight pressure drop.
(My system picked up water from well down in the tank but used to end up with a waterfall in the tubes!)
Naughty Thoughts:--

If you always provided Tralfaz with food in the opposite tank, the tunnel will get used frequently . . .

If a waterfall developed Tralfaz would be climbing out of the water to get fed . . .

As a party trick Tralfaz could be trained to climb out of the water to collect grub . . .

(Downside would be that if there was no party, Tralfaz would be out looking for the larder)

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