Big problemo; Challenge # 2

Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Nov 19, 2002
Ok, if someone called you and said they had caught a squid with a tag in it, what would you do?

Obviously you'd try and find out who tagged it; you'd think it would be a simple exercise wouldn't you!

Well, here it is - the tag details ......

JAM ARC NZ4-07869

The space between JAM and ARC probably isn't important (JAMARC: Japanese Marine Fishery Resources Research Centre) ... but are there any sleuths out there that can track down where and when the squid was caught, tagged and released, and who we should contact regarding its capture? I've drawn a blank (although have people trying to track it down).
phone the japanese embasy in youre country theyll give you the contacts to the japanese fishing federation or concern or whatever it is tell them you found theyre squid what should i do?! :grad:
... tracked 'em down this morn (through a cobber in Australia).

Rather strange tagging system that, don't you think!

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