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Big Empty Tank ISO Rubescens


Dec 2, 2002
Hi Gang,

I've been out of the octopus supply loop for a long time and lost touch with who's selling what (which is terribly ironic, since I authored the source page on JW's The Cephalopod Page)

I've finally got my Cephalopod Life Support System Mark IIV up and running again, and it's time to find an octopus.

I would like to locate an O. Rubescens this time around- does anyone know where I can get one?

Many thanks in advance! Jimbo
Hi Jimbo,

I don't know of anyone selling O. rubescens and a Google search didn't turn up anything obvious either. Here's a possible alternative:

If you're hooked up with the Ceph Page folks maybe you could contact one of them with the goal of having one collected for you. I'm thinking that either Roland Anderson or Jim Cosgrove might be able to either get you a ruby or pass you along to someone who can. It's my understanding that this species is pretty easy to trap since they seem to consider a beer bottle to be the last word in dens.

FWIW: Octo parts are used for fishing bait locally. I'll try to look around over the next few days to see if someone in my area is collecting these guys.

Acquiring a ruby is one thing, keeping it is another. Be advised that they have a reputation for being escape artists - even compared to other octo species! Anther thing is temperature O. rubescens lives in water that is cold year round with very little seasonal variation. Is your CLSS MkIIV capable of providing a stable temp in the 10 to 15C range?

Good luck!

Rubescently yours,

Thanks for the ideas TidePool! It's been a long stretch of bimacs, briars and vulgarises and I'm looking for something new without raping the eastern tropics of irresponsible specimens. I used to be the big man on campus in the "obtaining a ceph" category, but I've fallen out of practice as more and more LFSes realize octopuses are possible.

The Jimbo CLSS mk IIV is so tight, Houdini couldn't break free- it's held a number of small tropical escape artists with a perfect track record. So far it hasn't been challenged with the strength of a ruby, though! I'm not worried about the temp req's- I've been meaning to add a chiller to this sucker for a long time. I thought I'd feel out the market before making the purchase.

I've been without a cephalopod for the entire summer and I'm starting to get the shakes from withdrawal! I think this is the longest stretch I've been cephless for a dozen years! I just hate trying to move with a ceph in house...my wife and I moved about three weeks ago.

You're in the NW USA? Nice! I'm in Maryland (motto: despite ecology reports, no there are _no_ cephalopods off our coastlines!) I'll be curious to hear if you know of anyone willing to bottle up an octopus for me- and I highly appreciate you snooping around. That said, I haven't harassed Roland in too long! I think I will put a bug in his ear about this.....and it's about high time I did a walkabout up to seattle and dive with a GPO (an unfulfilled pilgrimage!)

Until then, I have to get by with Tako at the sushi bar.

Thanks again! Jimbo
TidePool Geek said:
FWIW: Octo parts are used for fishing bait locally. I'll try to look around over the next few days to see if someone in my area is collecting these guys.


Hello again,

Well, it looks like the bait angle is probably a dead-end. I checked around and all the octopus seems to be supplied by Jerry's Bait of Chimacum WA. Ph#(360)437-2188 but that they only have it available during halibut season. BTW: Octopus has been a favorite halibut bait around here for thousands of years. The various native people of the area had some pretty sophisticated gigging spears for acquiring their octo bait. Halibut season varies from year to year but in 2005 it ran, at most, from May 1 to May 29 with a few daily spot openings in June.

I'll keep you in mind, of course, and if I can think of any other solutions I'll be in touch.

Unsuccessfully yours,


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