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May 30, 2000
Wow, that was terrible. Thanks everyone for the support this week and for hanging in! Long story short, the server we are on had some significant technical difficulties. It may be bumpy for the next few days, but it appears the worst is over.

We never had anywhere close to such a bad outage in our nearly 6 years of operation. I appreciate everyone sticking around! Stay tuned for some optimization throughout 2006. I'll work to avoid that kind of disruption in the future.

Welcome back!
Yes, thanks Tony. Top job in getting this site back up and running.
Because Tony is too polite to mention this, I'd like to point out that now that we've seen how important TONMO is to our continued happiness, it's perhaps an opportunity for folks to consider the possibility that paying in as a supporter of this fine resource might be worth the $25 per year! As well as the myriad benefits of access to the supporters forum and extra space for private messages, and the fact that you can proudly tell your friends and people you're trying to impress at cocktail parties that you're a "card-carrying supporter of" (well, if you take a blank card, and write " supporter" on it-- and no cheating, you're not allowed to do that until you've forked over the $25!) And those of you who are already supporters have my permission to write " Order of the Golden Octopus," or any other fancy title you want, on your card if you send Tony a paypal donation above and beyond your supporters fee! So there! :sly:

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