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Back from Tonga and my cuttle article is posted!


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
Hey guys!

Just got back from Tonga. Diving, collecting, swimming with whales. Not to shabby!
28 hours of flying, so I sleep soon, but I just found out my cuttle article went up on sept 15 - heres the link: Keeping and Breeding the dwarf cuttlefish Sepia bandensis

Its pretty beefy. Let me know what you think, and we'll see if the breeding part is already out of date thanks to Mikey! The article will also be posted on TONMO and TCP in a couple of months.

Uggg. Sleep! :biggrin2:
nice to see you back dude. btw dr. snuggles is looking realy good, and hopefully if you still have some, i hope to have snuggles dds, and snuggles phd, as long as you still have more babies, hope the trip was great
Very nice Rich, good to see more information out there regarding these beasties!

Righty, I'm just about to read your article again, which has been published JUST in the Nick of Time since it seems that...

..my Sepia bandensis has LAID A CLUTCH OF EGGS! This morning I'm like, "Dang, what are those black figgy-lookin' things?" I'm anxious to put your experience to work and will probably have some questions soon. I have just got a decent digital camera so I'll post some pics soon.

Congratulations on the excellent article!
Excellent article! Very informative and easy to read. Enjoyed the pics! Someday I hope to have a cuttle. I did not realize that cuttlebones for birds were from cuttlefish. They must do a massive harvesting to provide these. Kind of sad.


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