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Baby Octo at LFS!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I almost came home with a baby about the size of a quarter today, but he was on hold. Was looking in their invert tanks and here's this little tiny baby in probably a betta pet home. Couldn't see any blue spots on the side and when I asked what it was, they said the standard "Carribean" Anyway, I pushed further as to what type and they didn't have a clue. One guy thought maybe a vulgaris. Seemed to have some attitude so I thought maybe a full size dwarf. He was flashing black and brown stripes at me! It's funny when these babies realize someones actually inspecting them. They put on quite a display! I would have bought it though! It was only $30.00. He could have resided with Mr. Jawfish till I figured out a new tank!!! :mrgreen:

Anyway, they are going to check with their supplier and try to get a species, and order me one for next week :mrgreen: !!!!

Hey Colin!!

I found the pictures of your Mother briarus. Is that the dwarf??? Don't we have a link to the different kinds? Couldn't find it!

Soo....today I brought my husband in to see the little guy and look in the cubicle and there he is out sitting on a peice of rock, actually looked very smug, outside of the betta container... So I figure I should let the shop people know he's escaped, so he doesnt disapear in their massive filter system. The woman there is the older mother of the owners, and a teenager. They decide someone has let it out, never mind there are holes the size of a nail head all over the container, but what followed was the first case of octopus abuse I have ever witnessed by people who are supposedly knowledgeable. Not only did they almost squish him with the rock he was hiding on, they almost dropped him on the floor and made the poor little thing ink!! My husband had to walk away. So what they succeeded in doing was putting him back into the same container, but to escape proof it, put a rubber band around it....I am going to have to go back tomorrow just to see if "someone" let him out again..... :shock:

I almost feel quilty :frown: for ratting out the poor little thing after witnessing the abuse!!!!!

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x :x a hex on them!

but to escape proof it, put a rubber band around it....I am going to have to go back tomorrow just to see if "someone" let him out again..... :shock:

Take a little baggie or container of seah2o and "liberate" him to a happier home :twisted: "ooooh look he must've escaped again!"

It'd be a temptation! (convictions for theft etc notwithstanding if one got caught!)

Hi Carol

Think i would have had to have said something to those idiot LFSs , im sure that is octo cruelty!

Briareus is a reasonably big, about same size as bimac kind of octopus, the one i had was the female that laid eggs about 2 years ago.

There are some pics here... Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

They are quite an interesting species and did seem to adapt to diurnal life until she got gravid.
Hi everyone!

Yes the thought crossed my mind to make it disapear!!!! I wanted to tell them off, but the womans old and the kids young and she had it in her head someone let it out. Just couldn't comprehend he escaped!!!

He looked ok when they finally got him back in the container. Pissed off, but ok. If the little guys smart, he will be living in an invert condo out of sight dining on all sorts of expensive creatures :mrgreen: !

Colin - She was beautiful!! Soooo.... what size tank would I need to liberate this little one, if the "supposed owner" doesnt' pick it up? I could stick a pethome in Mr. Jawfish's tank for now till I can decide on what to do. That's a 29 flatback hex. I do have a freshwater 45 gal flatback I could switch to salt and have lots of culture in my feeder tank......

I will update you later today. Plan to check in on him!!!

Once, i had an 'impulse buy' and the octo had to live in a pet pal box thing for a week or so, but there were plenty hiding places in the small tank for it and it moved into a biger tank after a while :smile:

Any idea on species yet?

There is one dilemma though... If the bad LFS sells the octopus they might get in another thinking they are a good seller and another has to go through what the other little guy did...
I called them last night and they said the baby was going home. The owner is much more knowledgable, than the people who were running the store that night. I told him what I had witnessed, but it was his mother, so he didn't say alot. :smile: ! Actually, they have a nice clean place and their animals are well taken care of. Think the abuse was just the combination of that night!!

He also said that was the smallest octo he had ever gotten in. And I'm afraid, his knowledge of the type was he knew it was not a pacific, but a carribean. I still kind of think maybe it was some type of dwarf because of the attitude. We may never know.....

I am going to check out and see what comes in tomorrow. :mrgreen:


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