It depends on what species of octo you have, any idea? If it is a small egg species, the young are planktonic and are extremely hard to raise. If it is a large egg species, The young could be fed on amphipods and baby clams. Both of which are available from

That will all the help I can give you for now... 8)
If you can see the eggs?

Are they 2-5 mm long and several thousand of them?

Or 5 - 10mm long and about 50 - 100 of them?

So, if you can answer these it well help greatly, and any other info you may want to share like tank size, species, filter, how long youve had it, where did you get it etc etc... it all helps :smile:

PS welcome to

They are 5 - 10mm long and about 30-50 of them
My tank is 55 gals. the species I do not know,this is my 2nd one ,I have had this one for approx. 2 months. I purchased it at a local pet store in Connecticut. I am new to this so my filter system is a basic one just a hanging filter which does 100 gph,bubble wands a sand base with live rocks small starfish and some soft corals.
That confirms that I beleive the octopus species is briareus... as a large egg species they can be reared if you so wish.

You wil need to get ready for a lot of hungry mouths and check the tank for tiniest escape routes!

Try Jim at for amphipods and clams for babies, unless you live near the coast?

Have a look here for some ideas from cephjedi Jimbo...

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